Domestic Re-Wire

Consultation with our client helped identify the best ways to make improvements to the property which included zoned low voltage, dimmable lighting in living spaces, addition of new light switches in key areas to improve convenience, the addition of safety circuits on a new consumer unit, external security lighting with motion and light sensors and increasing the number of mains sockets.  While new cable was being pulled through Cat 5e drops with termination points were added to each room for the property’s own LAN.  Mains smoke and fire alarms were also added to each floor.

Ring Main

  • Replace aged and rodent damaged wiring
  • Double number of sockets in every room
  • Add 240v to second floor of property

Consumer Unit

  • Replace 240v consumer unit inc. residual current circuit breakers
  • Add consumer unit for 110v ring main


  • Replace rodent damaged wiring and add new
  • Re-labelled sitched live on 2 wall plates
  • Remove existing fluorescent lights/pendants
  • Add zoned/dimmable low voltage halogen and LED lighting
  • Add external lighting to front and rear of property

Safety & Security

  • Add external lighting to front and rear of property
  • Wire smoke and fire alarms to ring main

PIR Findings

Periodic Inspection Report highlighted rodent chewed cables in loft space, over burdened/brittle cabling at sockets, wrong ampage cable used on socket spur, overloaded 5amp fuse at board and defective earthing strap in kitchen.


Project had to be undertaken to tight deadline to meet tenant moving date; this required electricians be available for nights and weekends.